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Spock - better than google?
Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Is there any search engine better than google? Well when it comes to looking for people on the internet then the answer for me is yes. I came across a website called Spock.com and it has to be the best and kookiest thing I've come across on the internet.

You see, you can find almost anybody! It was a bit scary at first, being able to find myself - I had no idea that the internet stored information about myself. Its a bit like those cop movies. Its very simple to use. All you have to do is sign up, a process that doesn't take very long, and then you're set.

An interesting feature is that you can share the information you've found with a widget. You just copy and paste the code Spock.com gives you and Voila! Instant source of information. I think thats great for biography projects.

I think you should give it a go. Its quite fun and addictive. LOL

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Since my summer holiday job is coming to an end - very quickly, my contract ends this coming weekend. I have been enjoying my summer holiday and working in the toys department is heaps fun I have started looking at other things I can do to earn a little bit of income once uni starts up again.

I came across a website called Blogsvertise and the coolest thing is that it pays me to blog. Blogsvertise gives me topics which I have to write about and then pays me for my work. Its a triple bonus for me really as it helps me polish my writing skills before uni starts up again, challenges my brain to see what I really know about a topic and Blogsvertise pays me for my work.

I think thats pretty neat and I'm currently waiting for my first assignment.

Later days!


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Saturday, January 19, 2008
I'm currently in search, and have been for quite some time now been searching for a new printer. One of those multifunction ones that have scan, fax, copy functions.

My requirements are simple yet there is one thing that irks me and that is the price. I mean all I would like is a simple multifunction and I haven't yet been able to find one that has all the required functions at a reasonable price.

If anyone, anyone out there is reading this knows of a good place to find a decent priced printer please let me know
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Oh dear
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
I think I'm starting to get sick. You know that feeling when you're throat is feeling a little itchy and you get little coughs every now and again? Not full out coughing fits but just little coughs. Lucky me, getting sick during holidays.I'm telling you its the damn hot days and really cold nights but I'm kinda of lucky in a way because I have hot drinks at home.
And when I mean hot drinks I mean lots of INSTANT hot drinks. I have instant milk tea, hot chocolate, hot white chocolate, instant soups, instant lemon tea, yadda yadda. Does anyone have any suggestions for a sore throat?

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Kick the sun and then relax
Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yes you read that right - kick the sun and then relax, but first just a thought. Humans need the sun to survive because without the sun we wouldn't get our fruit, veges and other flora. Without the sun we wouldn't have day, it would just be night. Without the sun, earth would not be habitable - I don't think that we could live in a deathly freezing world.

However with the sun -
We can get heat and warmth. With the sun we have light, with the sun we get cancer. It is known that diseases and viruses grow and spread faster in warm conditions. The sun also aids in what is known as global warming - a highly important issue in the modern world.

So here are some pictures of how I intend to battle the soon to come heat wave when I am at home. Pictured above right is a battery operated desktop fan and next to that is a guardian angel.

To the left is a finished large sesame milk tea with lychee, coconut jelly easy way drink. Its totally refreshing after a long day at work. Yummy!

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Failed dinner
Sunday, January 13, 2008
Mom had gone out for dinner last night with a few of her lady friends leaving dad and I to fend for ourselves. We decided to make pasta and the overall outcome was quite good. We both congratulated ourselves for a meal well done, not too salty and not too bland. That was until dad asked 'did you want some garnishing with that' with oregano in hand.

my pasta meal before being oreganoized --->

My response was yes and then it all went downhill from there.

You know those herb and spice bottles with the little circly thing on the end, like the ones that let you slowly sprinkle stuff onto your food? Well the oregano bottle didn't have that and dad didn't check. After I said yes he unscrewed the bottle and shook gently.

Lets just say he emptied half the bottle onto my plate. Needless to say, my meal ended up not so nice.

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Have some common sense!
I'm sorry to all those people who are tired of me complaining all the time but I really need to get a point across to frequent shoppers at department stores.

Us sales people are human and we can only do so much. There is a reason why we have products put on display. Therefore -

No, I am not going to open the $150+ doll house for you to check the color of the wall unless you are definately going to buy it. After all nobody wants to purchase a toy that has been opened and inspected by someone else.

No, I am not going to bring out every single style of shoe in a size 4 1/2. Go get your daughter to look at the display shoes and choose the one she likes before coming back to me.

Yes I can do a refund because you have a receipt but there is no need to get angry with me if the color of the dress faded after one wash. Its not my fault its the manufacturer's, so go ahead and call the police if you want. I did not commit a crime.

Line up in an orderly fashion to pay or did you not attend primary school? You will only get kicked out of the store if you cause a scene

Oh and there are many more complaints I could make but I think I'll leave it at that for now...

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