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Failed dinner
Sunday, January 13, 2008
Mom had gone out for dinner last night with a few of her lady friends leaving dad and I to fend for ourselves. We decided to make pasta and the overall outcome was quite good. We both congratulated ourselves for a meal well done, not too salty and not too bland. That was until dad asked 'did you want some garnishing with that' with oregano in hand.

my pasta meal before being oreganoized --->

My response was yes and then it all went downhill from there.

You know those herb and spice bottles with the little circly thing on the end, like the ones that let you slowly sprinkle stuff onto your food? Well the oregano bottle didn't have that and dad didn't check. After I said yes he unscrewed the bottle and shook gently.

Lets just say he emptied half the bottle onto my plate. Needless to say, my meal ended up not so nice.

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