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Boring Holidays.
Saturday, January 12, 2008
My holidays have been kinda boring. I went to a job interview, got a job and now they rarely assign me onto shifts - I had one week without work, no money boo :( - or call me last minute to arrive, do they know that it takes 10 mins to shower, get dressed, look decent before stepping out of the house and then another 20mins to get to work?

I've also been doing some work on my cross stitch cushion cover. I have discovered that I cannot count and the number of mistakes I have made proves that I cannot count. I've missed stitches or over counted, meaning that I have to fudge some areas. I get really annoyed and bummed when I miscount. Hopefully the outcome will be good. <---current work in progress

The pattern on the cross stitch kit didn't seem too hard at first.
It wasn't until I received the package in the mail did I realise the
amount of work and effort that was required.
cross stitch pattern-->

These holidays haven't been too hot, well not in November through to December which is really good because there haven't been many bushfires. I say many because there are those stupid arsonists out there burning stuff. However the heavy rain has cause flooding in some areas and I really feel for those people. I mean one day its boiling like crazy and the next minute your area is being flooded out.

Current weather report says its 36 degrees, will get hotter towards the late afternoon. And let me tell you it is damn sunny out there!
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