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Have some common sense!
Sunday, January 13, 2008
I'm sorry to all those people who are tired of me complaining all the time but I really need to get a point across to frequent shoppers at department stores.

Us sales people are human and we can only do so much. There is a reason why we have products put on display. Therefore -

No, I am not going to open the $150+ doll house for you to check the color of the wall unless you are definately going to buy it. After all nobody wants to purchase a toy that has been opened and inspected by someone else.

No, I am not going to bring out every single style of shoe in a size 4 1/2. Go get your daughter to look at the display shoes and choose the one she likes before coming back to me.

Yes I can do a refund because you have a receipt but there is no need to get angry with me if the color of the dress faded after one wash. Its not my fault its the manufacturer's, so go ahead and call the police if you want. I did not commit a crime.

Line up in an orderly fashion to pay or did you not attend primary school? You will only get kicked out of the store if you cause a scene

Oh and there are many more complaints I could make but I think I'll leave it at that for now...

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