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Kick the sun and then relax
Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yes you read that right - kick the sun and then relax, but first just a thought. Humans need the sun to survive because without the sun we wouldn't get our fruit, veges and other flora. Without the sun we wouldn't have day, it would just be night. Without the sun, earth would not be habitable - I don't think that we could live in a deathly freezing world.

However with the sun -
We can get heat and warmth. With the sun we have light, with the sun we get cancer. It is known that diseases and viruses grow and spread faster in warm conditions. The sun also aids in what is known as global warming - a highly important issue in the modern world.

So here are some pictures of how I intend to battle the soon to come heat wave when I am at home. Pictured above right is a battery operated desktop fan and next to that is a guardian angel.

To the left is a finished large sesame milk tea with lychee, coconut jelly easy way drink. Its totally refreshing after a long day at work. Yummy!

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posted by Priscilla @ 1:19 AM  
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